Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Tuesday December 9

While I freak out about packing and cleaning I will let you guys ponder Venice.

Here is the post I wrote in Venice but never had time to publish.

Friday, November 21, 2008

We got 9 hours of sleep last night – ahh. It’s cold here, so glad I just bought a scarf at the dollar store before leaving Granada. I finally figured out why is seems so quiet and cozy here. Obviously there are no cars or motorcycles zooming around – just the occasional boat motor. Since there are no vehicles – the streets are very narrow – you see everyone who walks by and you can see the shops on both sides of the street – very cozy indeed. It is very easy to get lost though, every way you turn there are shops on small plazas with and alley that way and a canal with a bridge the other way. Wish we still had our little compass, they make orienting the map so much easier. It’s very cloudy today, which usually kind of frustrates me when I’m trying to take pictures of buildings, but it is winter and it looks kind of cool in the mist.
Having to eat out in Italy is always a pleasure. Who doesn’t like Italian food? Even at the bad places it’s still good. I had some yummy ravioli with meat sauce for lunch, Kevin had spaghetti with clam sauce, whole clams in the shells, normally I would shy away from something like that, but it was great. Wouldn’t it be great if they had clam chowder here, I hate the chewy ones you usually get in chowder. We made our way to St. Marks Basilica and it was awesome. We tried to feed the pigeons, but it was a bit scary. One flew up and pecked bread right out of Syd’s hand – she did not like that. We met an older family who is also going on the cruise – I wonder how many of the tourists we saw today will be on the boat? Click for pics.

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