Friday, March 4, 2011

Snow day = sew day

Friday, March 4

Last week we had our first and probably last snow day for this winter.  Kyla decided she had to have a messenger bag.  Well, I wasn't just going to drive to the store and buy her one, but I remembered that we had cut out fabric for one months ago.  We dug it out of the closet and Sydney found some old quilting fabric and we made messenger bags with this awesome free pattern from mmmcrafts.

Happy Friday!


Michaela said...

A great way to keep them busy! :-) The bags turned out really nice!

Scott Thomas Photography said...

I didn't think you got any snow. You made good of your time. Cute bag and cuter model.

It is a snow here for most of upstate NY today. Hoping this is the last snow blast for the season.