Monday, May 16, 2011

Macro Monday

Monday, May 16

Not sure what I've been doing lately but it isn't blogging. It hasn't helped that I had had to send my laptop to the Dell service center to be revived.   A certain 7 year old accidentally tipped over a half a cup of tea into my laptop.  :-(    

Last week Kyla and I were busy sewing aprons for her field trip to the Oregon Trail.  Now we can dress up as official pioneer women.  Kyla is having a hard time contemplating life without a book for two days.   Of course, we'll be too busy to notice our lack of technology.   I do get to bring my camera, so I hope to have some photos at the end of the week.     Now, off to find rain gear and boots. 

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Michaela said...

Is that one of those tiny little daisies? I LOVE them!!! They're EVERYWHERE in Germany, but the only place I've ever seen them here in the US was San Francisco. I really miss them.
Beautiful picture :-)