Monday, September 12, 2011

Macro Monday and back to school

September 12, 2011

Wow, it looks like I took the whole summer off from blogging! The girls are starting their second week of school.  They are both happy with their teachers.  I'm already hearing complaints about homework, no one really missed that over the summer.  


Michaela said...

You're back, yay!!!! :-)
Great macro, and cute pic of your girls. Isn't it nice to have them back in school? ;-) I don't miss the arguing at all! LOL

Scott Thomas Photography said...

I was almost ready to give on you. Thought maybe you walked off into the Pacific on us. :-)

I'm with Michaela, do not miss arguing or complaining about school one bit. Do miss them at this age. Sigh!

Dcan said...

Wow, so nice to wake up to comments from my bloggy friends after such a long break. Thanks! I'm so behind on blog reading. I kind of forgot what having the kids home all day was like - it's nice and quiet now.