Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dr. Suess, the CFO and eggs

Oooh, this sounds like some kind of weird sci-fi movie, but I'm just catching you up on the girls' school activities.  Last week they celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday with a Fox in Socks theme.  I discovered that I don't own any interesting or crazy socks, but luckily the kids do.

The 5th grade has been studying eggs and little sister also wanted to have a "baby" egg.  We even made her a skirt.  

They had to build something for an egg to be dropped of the roof of the school.  Parachutes really help and the egg survived.

This week Kevin and I got to help the 5th graders on their field trip to JA Biztown.  The kids get to run the businesses and Kyla was the CFO of the town newspaper,
 which meant a lot of desk work.  
This year she made it to the Animal Shelter after her second paycheck and adopted a puppy before they were all gone.  

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