Friday, June 8, 2012

Capture your lovey before it's lost!

Have I found my new calling?   I was at my sister's house last weekend and her new yard is so beautiful!   My niece has four lions plus a baby lion, all supposedly identical, except that they're not.  She knows them all by sight and each one has a name.  I thought we better get some portraits before they are lost or loved beyond recognition.  

Here's fat lion - well he does have chubby legs.

Here's Lion D, not sure if I spelled that right.  He already has a patched nose.

And this is my daughter beloved Lamby, the one true lovey.  For a while, she wouldn't even play soccer without Lamby.  It's a good thing you don't need your hands for soccer!

Well, I don't think I could make of living doing this, but it was fun.
  They are so cute and super cooperative!

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Michaela said...

These are sooo CUTE!!
When Melissa was little, she had a little tiny lion that she named Linney, and I really wish I had taken pictures because she did lose her :-(