Sunday, August 9, 2009

Swimming Videos

Sunday, August 9

The girls just finished four weeks (not consecutive) of swimming lessons last Friday. They both moved up 2 levels this summer - really great progress! The teachers always try to let you know if your kid is going to pass several days before the end so you can get them registered for the right class. At one point, Sydney asked me if she had "leveled up" yet. For those of you who don't know, that's the term used for certain role playing games. The poor girl is a geek and doesn't even know it! I guess that's how geeks are, but what if you're a geek and you know it? Does that make you a smart geek? Oh wait, we were talking about swimming!

Sydney cried for 10 minutes during her second lesson complaining that is was too hard and she couldn't put her whole head in the water. Kyla and I convinced her not to give up. Here she is 2 weeks later showing her crawl stroke.

Sydney diving in the deep end for a ring.

Sydney jumps into the deep end.

Kyla in a relay where she has to jump in, swim and dive for a ring.

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