Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This birthday is a pain in my . . .

Tuesday, August 25

you guessed it, my back side - literally. I stayed up past midnight last night, even received a few birthday greetings - thanks friends! - and I had this pain going down my right buttock - ouch! Well today I was a little sore and moving a little slow - getting old is no fun! I've been having a little back pain lately, but I made it to the chiropracter (shhhh, don't tell the PT folks) and now I'm feeling better. I got lots of electronic wishes via email and facebook. After stopping by Burgerville for a fresh blackberry shake I went to McMenamin's Grand Lodge in Forest Grove. A few of the gang met me there to listen to my friend's church band and we enjoyed burgers, sweet potato fries and hard cider. Mmmmmm. The day ended very well. Thank you friends and family.

This is my first year of being 39! Mark it on your calenders, because after a few years you might notice that I'm still 39 and you won't know for sure unless you take notes here. I have big plans this year. With the girls both in school all day, I'm hoping to have time to get this body back in shape, have more time for sewing and photography and maybe have some time left over to do some organizing around the house that has been neglected for the last 8 years. Wish me luck. Oh, I probably still won't have much time for cooking and cleaning though. Hee hee. (Sorry, that was the cider talking.)


thedailyclick said...

Happy belated Birthday!!!
Other than the back pain, it sounds like you had a good day. And don't worry, turning 40 next year won't be so bad. Been there, done that ;-)

Mrs Soup said...

Happy Birthday! The Grand Lodge is so gorgeous....I hope you had tater tots! :D

And sciatica pain is no fun. :( Hope it works itself out soon!