Friday, December 4, 2009

Mrs. C gives another exam.

Sunday, December 6

No, not that Mrs. C! It's was me, you know, Dr. C's wife. So Kevin, who only seems to get sick during school vacations, got a fever last Tuesday and he still has it! Enough already. This is only the second time in over 8 years that he has had to cancel a class. Sydney missed a whole week of school and we're all pretty excited that she gets to back on Monday. Hmmm, where were they about two weeks ago? Hey, was it that birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese? (I don't think Kevin will be going back to Chuck-e-disease ever again!) So, back to my story of how I've been waiting for the chance to say that my name was Mrs. C. I though about telling the kids at the elementary school that I volunteer for that was my name, but it's not like I'm a teacher or anything. They just call me Deanna or Sydney's mom or Kyla's mom. When I was growing up I never knew what to call my friends' parents. Even now it makes me uncomfortable calling them by their first name and too formal to call them Mr. or Mrs. so and so. Whenever I shop at Safeway, they always say, "Thank you Mrs. Cantrell, you saved $42 .00 today." It always makes me feel old or reminds me of Kevin's Granny. So last week I went to the university. Here is the sun trying to blind me while I'm walking towards the new bell tower near the science building.
I made copies of the exam and stashed them in my bag.
Then I set off again to hand out the exams in a different building.I let everyone know that Dr. C was still sick, but if they had questions I may be able to answer them or I could always call his cell phone. Then I said, "Oh, by the way I'm Mrs. C." I think that surprised several students, but they were a little preoccupied by the exam to really discuss it.

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