Thursday, December 3, 2009

You Capture - A Happy Story

Thursday, December 3

Life has been busy here, I haven't even posted since the last photo challenge. There has been cleaning, parties, celebrations, a holiday, work and now the flu. My youngest is is going on day 5 with a fever. She doesn't seem to feel too bad and is handling it very well, if only we could be so happy when we are sick.

As for my story, something is happening to me and all my good friends, yes, we are growing older.

Our kids are getting older and able to entertain themselves at all the celebrations.
Sharing good times...
Letting the grown ups eat dessert and play whatever games we want with their Banagrams.
I am happy to see our family growing up together and enjoying goods time with our friends!
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bzmomma said...

Great pics of growing old gracefully :)

How is that Bananagram game? Any fun?

thedailyclick said...

Nice documentation!
Hope the little one feels better soon and no one else gets sick. Sara has been sick, too. RSV and pink eye! With any luck she'll be ready to go back to school on Monday.

Mrs Soup said...

How fun! I love the Scrabble with names...that's a good idea!

jordikers said...

Thanks - love being part of "a happy story" - yay! And yay to graceful aging. Hee, hee! Can I get copies, btw?