Friday, May 21, 2010

Calypso Cat!

Friday, May 21

Yes, we now have a cat!   She's been here for over a week already and is totally adjusted to her new home and being a part of the family.   The girls only had to beg for two years before we ran out of excuses and finally gave in.  I was telling the receptionist at the vet about that and she said I that was just mean.  Well, you can't say I'm mean anymore, because look, I finally let them adopt the cutest kitty.

We weren't going to adopt until we returned from our vacation to the Carolinas in July, but this kitty was a stray found by a friend of a friend and she needed a home.  She loves attention and she is very playful so the girls are having a great time.  I think I need to get her some kitty tennis shoes.  The way she slides around on our laminate flooring is comical, but it must be frustrating for her have such furry paws.  The girls were supposed to have this long period of "cat training" to prepare, but that only lasted a week.  Kyla did clean her room along with all the cat supplies.  She was very concerned about finding a proper name.

It was a bit of a challenge to find a name that everyone liked.   Everyone had veto power, so after we were tired of saying, "I veto your veto!", we finally agreed on Calypso.  Only a couple of times have we called her Clutzo. 

I would like to officially apologize to Susan for slacking off on the whole blogging thing lately, especially when it comes to the topic of cats.  Here is a photo of Susan's beautiful cat, Whipped Cream, who we went to see at a cat show a couple months back.  Oh, and that is her son, holding the cat. 

Happy Friday everyone! 


thedailyclick said...

LOVE the name!
Darnit, now I'm reminded of "crazy calypso" potato chips from a looong, long time ago when I still lived in Indiana. Can't find them anymore :-(

Anyway... I think Sara wants to come live with you because she loves cats and I won't let her have one. That's right, I'm a mean mommy, too! ;-)

Jessica Monte said...

Congrats! She's a beauty!