Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Creative Exposure

Wednesday, May 26

These photos are for the "Creative Exposure" challenge over at Views Infinitum.

After I took a photography class a couple years ago I got very comfortable with the aperture setting on my camera.  Since then I have been slowly getting more comfortable with the shutter speed priority setting.   I didn't really notice any good movement opportunities in the last couple of weeks so I tried to get a little creative and I learned a lot.   One thing I learned is that choosing your shutter speed to get the amount of movement you want is all relative to the speed of your subject or your background whatever the case may be.    In other words there was a lot of trial and error happening for this challenge.   For this first shot it was very difficult to hold the camera steady while spinning around, so I thought it turned out pretty well.  (We were actually holding hands.)
In the shade on a sunny day at 1/20sec, f/10, ISO 100.

I think I should have made her horns for this next one.  Hard to cooperate right before bed.  It only took three people to get this shot.   I ended up having my husband hold up a black blanket behind here since the room wasn't completely dark.   One halo would probably look better, but the model had to go to bed.  I used a key chain led flashlight for the
Settings: 1.3sec, f/5.0, ISO 200 

Here are some of the duds.  I think a tripod would have really helped and if your shutter speed is too long your subject can end up looking like a ghost.


Anonymous said...

Hi. This is what I call creative exposure. Very well done. :-)

Truels said...

Those two first very different pictures are great: That panning and that expressive face on the first one is gorgeous. And the second is funny, I like the result of 3 creative persons :-)

Karma said...

Neat pictures! I love how you can get the feeling of spinning in the circle in the first shot. The "angel" shot is darling and I love the innocent expression on her face.

kanniduba said...

What fabulously creative shots!!!

Anonymous said...

These are really cool!!! LOVE the first one, almost makes me dizzy, looking at it. And your little angel is adorable. Great idea with the flashlight.
(Now around Halloween, you'll have to pick up some devil horns and redo the pic - WITH the halo! :-) )

JenniferA said...

Wow, such creativity!! Thank you for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

These are soooo creative!Your daughter looks like a young Charleze Theron in the halo shot - just beautiful!

Nye said...

I love the first panning photo, now I'm itching to try. :)