Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flying East

Wednesday, June 30

Well, we're home from vacation and getting over the jet lag. The girls finally slept until 7:30 instead of waking me up at 6am! I decided to try a post a few pics every day instead of writing a big post. We had a great time in the 95 degree weather and spent a lot of time in the pool and some in the ocean on Topsail Island. It was a super clear day when we left Portland. Here is Mt. Saint Helens and the Columbia River. I really wanted a shot of Mt. Hood, but I was on the wrong side of the plane.
Here is Mt. Saint Helens with Mt. Adams (I think).

I'm not sure where we were for this shot, I'm thinking Rocky Mountains. As you can tell this is a "look at the pretty mountains post" not a "geography lesson post".
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Anonymous said...

Welcome home!
These are great... the last one is AMAZING!!! Love how the snowy mountains blend in with the clouds.