Monday, July 5, 2010

The fire breathing man outside my house

Monday, July 5

No joke!  We watched the fireworks at Fort Vancouver from the Portland side of the river and rushed home to get the kids to bed.   It was still so loud outside from the neighborhood festivities that we decided to watch a show before bed.   Then around 11:30pm there was a bright orange light coming through the blinds and it kept flashing.  We finally looked outside to find a bald headed, shirtless, tattooed man standing in the street breathing fire right outside our house.   Crazy!    I wonder if he is a professional from the Lion King?  I'm pretty sure that show is in town now and I know from Scott's photo that is part of the show.  


Anonymous said...

LOL That is crazy!
(Wonder if he's bald because he singed all his hair off?)

Mrs Soup said...

Oh wow! Awesome! It probably *is* from the Lion King show!