Saturday, July 3, 2010

I've created a monster

Saturday, July 3

A blogging monster that is.  When Kyla found out that her cousin started a blog she immediately decided that she wanted a blog too.   I think it never really crossed her mind that a kid would be allowed to have a blog.   She has published four posts since she started it after dinner last night.  I tried to explain about pacing herself at one per day.  I still need to talk to her about giving credit to other photographers that she features on her blog. She has taken all but one photo herself. 

I almost forgot to let you know that Sydney lost her second tooth last week while we were at the beach.   Please note that she has finally stopped begging for a pillow pet, we were all so excited that it was waiting for her at the post office when we got home.  And it's a lamb - surprise!

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Anonymous said...

Do you think it will last? Melissa has had her own blog for a while now, but she's really neglecting it. I need to get her to post some of her pictures again.

Sydney has quite a tan! Looks beautiful with her blond hair.