Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A winning concert week

Wednesday, October 6

Last week I won tickets to see Plain White T's at the Aloft Hotel near the Portland Airport.  It was a promotion for Live in the Vineyard, which is of course in California.  The concert was short, but only a few people were there since is was on an outdoor patio at the hotel, so that was pretty cool.   We got VIP badges and tickets with numbers.  Mine was the first number picked to "meet and greet" the band after the concert.    So, what are  you supposed to do when you meet someone famous?    I just said thanks and then we had our photo taken by a photographer hired by 105.1 The Buzz radio station.    I least it turned out pretty well.

 The last time I met someone famous, I handed my camera to the person next to me  and even though I thought I had it set up perfectly - the photo turned out horrible.  Next time I'll change it to the auto setting! 
Now, jump ahead a few day to last Sunday night.  Unfortunately this concert was not free, but I've been wanted to see Jack Johnson since I missed his last concert in my area over two years ago.  My Aunt Cindy is a big fan too, so we got our tickets the day they went on sale, several months ago.  I think the last big concert I went to was Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young over 10 years ago.    

 We got to sit about 20 rows back, just off to the side, so we stayed warm under the roof even though half the amphitheater is uncovered.   I took several photos, but this is the best shot I got.  Jack sure did himself a favor by doing the soundtrack for the Curious George movie.   I wonder how many moms discovered his music that way.   Have you seen his music video where he gets in a bar fight - funny stuff!  Well, I didn't get to have my picture taken with Jack, but I still had a great time.   


Mrs Soup said...

I so wish I could have made it to Jack! I <3 him! And it really should stop surprising me when I see you mention Portland. I mean, I *know* you live here. I do! But STILL! It surprises me. :p

We really should hang out sometime....

Michaela said...

That is so cool that you got to meet them!
I met William Shatner once.... 1988 I think? I was at an auto show in Chicago with my ex, his brother, and our little nephew who was about 6 at the time. He soooo wanted to meet "Capatain Kirk" but his dad wouldn't take him, so I stood in line with him because I felt so bad for him LOL