Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Capture - Games

Thursday, June 2

Considering how many games my family owns I should probably have some better photos than these.  I could probably take enough games photos to last a years worth of You Capture challenges.   

I don't know if anyone has actually played the game that goes with these tiny pirate ships, but they are fun and sometime challenging to put together.

Poor Sydney used to have wall to wall games in her room, but we finally moved some out so she could store books and toys of her very own.

OK, here's your bonus - an article of kids' game reviews written my hubby, the board game geek.  He gave a presentation at the preschool last October, so there is also a section of Halloween games.  He is super awesome for figuring out how to make this available on the web to share with you all.
Click here for a copy of Beyond Candyland.

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Michaela said...

Those ships are SO CUTE!! Don't think I've ever seen that game, what is it called?
I absolutely LOVE the first picture.