Monday, May 19, 2008


Sydney had her 4 year old check up last Friday. Everything went well even though we found out she had an ear infection in her previously ruptured left ear (late in February) and she had to have 5 shots! I was kind of dreading the whole thing because I knew she would need several vaccinations. She is old enough to know that some unpleasant things go on at the doctor's office. Usually she has no opinion about going, but this time she didn't even want me to mark it on her calender (probably hoping I would forget). She asked me several times what was going to happen and said that she didn't want to go. With all that asking for info, I couldn't conveniently forget to mention that there would be shots (yes, plural). If I didn't tell her, boy would I here about it later. "You didn't tell me they would do that!" So I told her and she seemed OK with it. She was very good at the doctors, I gave her the lollipop right before the injections started and that definitely helped. She didn't cry until the very last shot! After some hugs and wiping the eyes she stated. "I really didn't like that last one, number five really hurt!" What a trooper!
So she growing up very well. 34 lbs and 39.5 inches, which is about 50th percentile for both. She is catching up, I think last year she was closer to the 25th percentile mark. We're really hoping her ear will clear up because we have a lot of flying to do. In fact we leave for Europe six weeks from today! Gulp. (That's me trying not to freak out). I started a big list today and taped it to the wall by my desk. I think I need a huge bulletin board, my brain is getting full.

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