Monday, August 4, 2008

Mega Mindy

August 4
The girls finally found a playmate and we had to wait for an hour after everyone was ready to venture out because they could not tear themselves away from Mega Mindy. Has anyone heard of her? I guess she is very popular here. I know the smurfs are Belgian, but maybe Mindy hasn't had enough time to make it to the US. This is actually the 9 year old daughter of the B&B owner, but I can't remember her real name. To me she'll always be Mega Mindy.

Bruges is a very small town with cobblestone streets and unique architecture, lot’s of bicycles, some tourists in horse drawn carriages and boats in the canals. Some call it the Venice of the North. The girls are begging to go in a boat, but we are saving that adventure for the next town. We we’re talking about it today and Sydney said, “Yes, we’re going to Hamsterdam!” Today we just wandered around town on foot and let the girls play at the park for a couple of hours. If you need and lace or chocolate, just let me know. (except by the time you read this, we will have moved on) I miss my cable modem. I also miss wash cloths and Kevin misses sheets. In all eight or nine places we’ve stayed there has been no trace of wash cloths or top sheets. Europe seems to be all about comforters with duvet covers and our relationship with them literally runs hot and cold. Now that we’re having summer weather, it’s sometimes too hot for a comforter, but too cold with nothing. Kevin’s clever solution is to take the comforter out of the cover and just use that. Then, if I get cold I just throw the comforter on top of the cover. In Scotland I heard it pronounced doo-vee. Don’t we say duvet, like doo-vay?

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yes, we say "doo vay" ~jillians mom