Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pics for the week

Saturday, October 4

Here are a few pics of the girls playing in various parks and plazas in our neighborhood. Actually this first one was taken on our patio. That's our bedroom window you see in the background. That white rack is usually where we hang our laundry out to dry - that's right, no dryers here.

Some new stuntwork at the playground.

Here is a little plaza about two blocks from our apartment that our friends just showed us. It's well hidden by a surrounding cement wall. Kyla found a tree to climb and harvested a big pile of seed pods. Anytime they find something that fell from a tree and ask what it is, I always tell them it's a seed pod. I assume that 95% of the time I'm right.

The decking really cuts down on the dust, but we made up for it by playing with the chalk. Here's Sydney trying to finish the blue line. Here she's looking a little smurfy. I guess you shouldn't mop your brow when covered in blue chalk.

OK, this isn't one of the girls, but I couldn't resist a picture of such a content little cat napping at the plaza. We've been having terrific weather, 70's and sunny. We did have to dig out the comforters this week, it's really cooling down at night (50 degrees).

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