Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Spanish sneeze

Saturday, October 11

That's right, Sydney now sneezes in Spanish. You didn't know that was possible? Neither did I. Well, she got a cold on Friday and every time she sneezed it sounded like aaahcheees, which I'm guessing is spelled aachis in Spanish. It all started when she learned this song about the parts of the face and how the nose goes aaachis. I never new a song could change your sneeze.

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Cindy said...

Too cute! I just looked on Wikipedia for fun, and after sneeze 1, you say "Salud" (to your health), after sneeze 2 you say "Amor" (love), and after sneeze 3 you say "Dinero" (money...or maybe that Robert DiNiro is going to get you if you keep on sneezing? Hmmm....). ;)