Thursday, October 2, 2008

While you were sleeping...

Thursday, October 2

well, those of you living in the USA anyway, I was straining my brain. Yesterday I took the level test for my month long intensive Spanish course. I'm happy to say I test well in Spanish. In fact they wanted to put me in the first advanced level! I think I must have done some good guessing on the multiple choice grammar. I was saved by the schedule, since the advanced class didn't get out until 2:30pm I went down a level so I could pick up the girls from school at 2:00pm. (Whew! I don't mind a little challenge, but there is no need to overwhelm myself). This brain of mine is not as young and agile as it used to be and it's not just the brain - it's the whole body. After taking a two hour test and lugging home groceries yesterday I think I need a massage. Anybody know a good PT? (hehe) I was a little nervous about going to my first class. It's been a long time since I've studied my Spanish. I just missed my 20 year high school reunion this summer, so you can guess how long it's been since I was a college exchange student in Costa Rica. I never got very fluent there, so I'm feeling pretty rusty. Class went well though and I could understand almost everything the teacher said. It's weird to be in school again - I even get to do homework. Wait until Kyla finds out, she'll be so jealous. I've decided to start speaking a lot more Spanish at home so Kevin and the girls can benefit from my class too.

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