Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Tuesday, April 14

Here we all are together on Easter morning at my sister's house in Seattle. Can you believe it everyone together for a weekend and no one was too sick and I just realized, no one threw-up (unlike the two previous years). Way to go kids!

The cousins had such a great time together, they were so happy playing and spending time together. It's great how they are so close to the same ages. Grandpa Rick and Uncle Eric took them to a nearby beach, where they collected rocks and got to practice carving sticks.

The little girls spent a lot of time on the trampoline.
They also loved the tire swing at the nearby park.

Last Friday the girls and I joined Kevin at a totally different gathering - Norwescon, a sci-fi convention. I didn't take too many picture even though there were a lot of people in costume even before the big Masquerade on Saturday night. It wasn't our first time there.

Here is Sydney the cat helping out the local ghost buster.
The girls also get their annual dose of doing paper mache. Last year it was dragon eggs and this year it was 'Lost Civilizations'.
We still have to decorate them since we weren't there the next day. Sydney didn't last long handling the oooey goooey, so I got to finish hers.

Today we're picking up Grandpa Bubba from the airport and heading straight to IKEA. I wanted there to be one in Portland for so long and then I never went 'cause I was afraid I'd spend too much money. So wish me some will power, I keep adding things to my list.

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