Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Sunday, April 5

Now that you have added the family blog to your Google Reader I know you'll see this message shortly after you check your email today. Hopefully it will make up for the fact that I didn't buy or make you a card. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN (aka Dad, aka Honey, in fact he rarely gets called by his real name around here). It's your last year to celebrate that you're still thirty-something and you may rather be wandering around the Alhambra
or day dreaming on some Greek island...
but thankfully you've done those things already. So I ordered up some warm sunny weather just for you. It's you're day! You can go for a long bike ride or just play some boardgames. The girls have been instructed to respond to any requests by saying, yes Master. We will do our best to help you have a great day. You're the best husband/dad a family could have. We love you!

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