Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Flashback - Santorini, Greece

Friday, May 1

Friday is almost over, but we still have time for a Friday Flashback. Today totally reminded me of our visit to Santorini since it was warm, sunny and windy.
According to my cruise itinerary we visited this Greek isle on November 25, 2008. I really need to update my blog, some people might think that is an upcoming cruise, but sadly it was over five months ago. How is that possible?
The girls chose to stay on the boat and we were a little sad that they didn't get to see the beautiful views from the little town of Oia. On the other hand we had to wait for a crowded bus ride, most shops were closed since it was the very end of the tourist season and it was super windy. I didn't even know if any of my pictures turned out until we got back on the boat. We got a ride up, but walked down a bunch of switchbacks on our return to the ship. Sure wish I had found a bathroom before we started down, but I survived without any accidents!

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Tami said...

Great pics - I would love to go to Greece!