Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She survived!

Wednesday, May 13

Kyla did very well for her molar extraction this morning and everything went smoothly. She got her kiddy Valium, which tasted awful.
Then they set her up with oxygen, which tickled her nose.
Next was the laughing gas, she did a little laughing, but mostly looked relaxed.
I kept waiting to be kicked out of the room, but they never asked me to leave. When they were ready to work on the tooth they said I might not want to watch. I have watched a total hip replacement before, but I was happy to read my magazine. It didn't take long and after she rested a few minutes and they made sure she could walk, we went home with her tooth in a baggy.
Here's Kyla zoning out with her iPod and some chocolate pudding.
She was a little sore after the local wore off, but after some pain medication, ice and watching a bunch of cartoons with dad, she was feeling much better. I think she's trying to show off the hole in this picture.
So no one is going to school tomorrow and I hope it's not to hard to keep the girls from playing crazy. No vigorous activity for four days!

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