Monday, October 5, 2009

Read to the Dogs

Tuesday, October 6

First, I have to start off by saying that we have the best public library ever, Multnomah County Library in Oregon. It's really true - they just won a National Medal for Museum and Library Service. My favorite thing is that you can search for and reserve a book online, then they just send you an email when it's time to pick it up at your neighborhood library. You can even recommend books for them to buy, and they do it. OK, enough about how great my library is. Well, just one more great thing is Read to the Dogs, a program that Kyla has always wanted to do, but we never remembered to sign up. We just happend to be there at the right time and she got a change to Read to the Dogs. Actually it's just one dog, named Sita. She is a therapy dog and kids sign up to come and read to her. If you know Kyla, you know she doesn't really need help with her reading. She spent most of her free indoor summer time reading. The girl loves to read. She also loves dogs, but hasn't spent much time with them. She also had a couple of bad dog experiences this summer and now is actually afraid of dogs, especially big ones. So this program is really helping her get comfortable with dogs again.
Doesn't Sita look happy!

So does Kyla.


Alice said...

this sounds like a great program. i'll have to check into our public library and see if they offer it. if not, i'm going to show them your blog!

Mrs Soup said...

What a great idea! I love Oregon!