Monday, October 12, 2009

Take a break from school and learn to read!

Monday, October 12

Last Friday the girls didn't have school, so I took them to the library. I was specifically searching for beginning reader books for Sydney because I new she was just about to start reading. Then this little red book, with no picture on the cover caught my eye.

Inside were 12 tiny books with simple pictures, one sentence per page and all the words were one syllable all short vowel sounds. Jackpot!
In the car she immediately started sounding out words. After a couple pages she shouted, "Mom, I'm reading, I'm really reading!" Music to my ears! Kyla helped her for a while at home.

it took her two days, but she read the whole book all by herself. She is sooo proud! Now we joke about how she used to read "the" like "tuh-hau-eh". That was so funny and it was only two days ago. What's even better is that was level 2 and I've reserved the rest of the sets (5 in all).
If you have any emergent readers in your future I highly recommend the Bob Books. After just now checking out their web site it turns out they were developed right here in Portland, OR. Nice! I'm looking forward to some quiet winter evenings with the whole family reading.

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