Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lambie scores and so does Sydney

Tuesday, November 10

Sydney had her last soccer game on Sunday and everyone is pretty happy about it. Kyla only has one more to go - too bad it's kind of far away at 9am on Saturday. Ugh. The practices have pretty much been over since we set the clocks back. I'm definitely a fair weather fan. The kids never seem to mind the rain, and I'm OK as long as it's not too cold out.

Sydney turned out to be quite the go getter on the field, but she still says she doesn't like the games. For several she wouldn't play unless she took Lambie with her. Fine by us, not like you need your hands for soccer.

Go Lambie!
Lambie scores!
Are those tiny sweatbands she is wearing? What a pose!
Actually Lambie got to rest for the last two games. I didn't take my camera since it was threatening to rain. Not a lot of kids showed up, so the coach enlarged the field, put two goals at each end and tossed in two balls. The kids had a great time and Sydney thinks she set a world record by scoring 15 goals!


Anonymous said...

That's funny that she insisted in taking lambie.
We have ONE game left, too. I'm kinda happy about it, but a little sad, too.

iSean said...

This is why microsoccer is so awesome! I can't decide what I love most about the picture: A striker running around with a stuffed animal in tow or the perfect line of players!