Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Capture - Real Life

Thursday, November 12

The challenge this week was Real Life. My real life is definitely a challenge and I rarely post photos of it here because it's way too messy. My life revolves around these two girls. (And my husband of course, but he appreciates not having his picture taken). Not a great photo, but it shows a lot. The big one mostly quiet, likes to read and play on the computer and little one, very active and a little crazy!
I was going to show more of my dining room table, we can barely eat dinner on it - too many homework papers and art projects. We really need a separate table for that stuff. Here is the turkey Sydney decorated for Kinder.
Then there is the dishes, recycling and laundry that buries my house. I'm do OK with folding, but not so good with putting away!
Now that both girls are in school 6 hours a day I should be so caught up. What's going on? I have no one to blame my inefficiency on and that's bad! My "new job" was taking up a lot of time, but that's getting better. Here are the books from the SMART reading program at the elementary school.
Here is a better photo of the girls with their Nammy. She is 88 today. Happy Birthday Grandma!


~Mendie~ said...

your life looks happy...and meaningful!

Doug @ Daddy's Tired said...

Noodle art is always good fun!

Tiaras said...

yep - we bought a new table b/c our old kitchen table was trashed from all the same stuff. The old table is now in the office for that use

thedailyclick said...

These are great pictures! Your girls sound just like mine... the big one quiet, and the little one a little crazy ;-)
Oh, and I think I have that same dining table. Used to have the chairs, too, but they've been replaced years ago.

Jenny said...

I think your pictures and written words describe real life perfectly...great job!

Mrs Soup said...

Oh how sweet! I love that first photo! So cute.

Saj said...

Yep, that's how life goes, isn't it? How great!

And what a lovely picture of your girls with their Nammy! I love that name!

Colleen said...

What a sweet picture with your Grandmother. A treasure.