Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GPOYW & OSDS & other stuff

Wednesday, February 24

I wasn't sure when I would ever post this photo, then I saw GPOYW (Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday) over at Views Infinitum.   Perfect!  I sometimes like to take pictures from the car especially when I'm the passenger, but not usually of myself. 
I wish I had curly hair.  See the fluff and the curls?  I recently rediscovered my electric rollers - I only had to dig through five boxes in my garage to find them.  My hair is driving me crazy lately.  I really need a haircut.  The first time my kids saw my foofy hair they screamed.  Thanks guys.

What is OSDS?  It's Olympic Sleep Deprivation Syndrome!  I keep getting sucked in to the Olympics and staying up way too late.  Why do they wait until 10:30 to even start the figure skating?  I'm getting tired!  Last night I even got hubby to set up the DVR and then I still stayed up to watch.   Oh well, not much longer.  

I've been wanting to blog more, but it has been crazy busy here lately.  I usually try not to over schedule the kids and I for too many activities, but as part of lent I decided we could all handle it for one session of swimming lessons - 5 weeks.  My goal was to get the girls and I away from the screens and out exercising during the cold & rainy part of the year.   We have something every weekday afternoon except Friday: swimming, piano, drama, and gymnastics.  We almost skipped swimming today and it would have been a good idea since Syd was only in the pool for 5 min when then had to clear the place out and cancel lessons for the day after someone threw up in the pool.   Eeeew!
Well, the girls got our showers taken care of and now they are doing a Bindi Fitness video.  

I've been having some chronic back pain, but it's doing better and I've made it to the gym several times last week.   I went to this Zumba (Latin dance exercise) class, which was pretty fun and probably really good for my back, but my hips were challenged! 

That's all for now - I'm half way through our five weeks! 

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Anonymous said...

What a fun pic, I love it! And I think your hair looks cute.
Mine is curly (when it's short enough) and it's driving me crazy, too! LOL

Would you believe that I haven't even watched one second of the olympics?!