Wednesday, February 3, 2010

only if you bring back doughnuts!

Wednesday, February 3

This weekend Sydney had a friend sleep over, a first for both of the girls.  They were sooo excited.  First we went to Bingo for Books at school - what could be better than free books and root beer floats?  The girls didn't get to sleep until about 9pm with all the excitement and the big kids playing downstairs.  They even slept through the night until 5:50am that is.  I found myself struggling to comprehend why two 5 year olds were asking me for the car keys.  huh!? 

girls:   "We need the car keys - we left a book in the car and we neeeeed it.  We can reach the keys, can we go get it?   

me:  It's not even light outside yet, no you can't go out to the car!   Wait a minute let me think....   (I'm trying to remember while still half asleep - did we bring in the bag holding the very important Tinkerbell Color Wonder coloring book?)   

girls:  We really need that book, can we get it?

me:   Wait ... I'm trying to think... (it's not happening very fast though)  I think it's downstairs in the dining room in a black bag.

girls: but where?!

So I got up and found the black bag hiding in a dining room chair.  Thank goodness I didn't have to go outside.   I'm also thankful that those two smart and independent Kindergartners didn't attempt to go outside on their own (at least the car was parked in the garage and not on the street).    Disaster averted!

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