Friday, February 19, 2010

Phase 1 - Complete

Friday, February 19

On Monday Kyla got her braces off!  Here is her before pic from about 8 months ago.

Here is what her teeth look like now.
I couldn't get her to open her eyes even though we were standing in the shade.  It's nice and sunny here this week!  Her front teeth look a lot better.  A lot of what the braces accomplished you can't really see from a photo, like widening her palate and maintaining space where her 2nd yr molar was pulled.   Now she has to wear a retainer at night. Not sure when phase 2 will start, probably not for two to three years.

Now she has a really big space on the upper left side since the orthodontist pulled out her very loose 1st year molar on that side.  Right before bed she asked me to send the tooth fairy a reminder email.  Hey, good idea and it worked!

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Anonymous said...

She looks (even more) beautiful!
I bet she's glad to get those braces off :-)