Saturday, September 18, 2010

A new year and a new decade

Hellooooo?  Anybody out there?

Wow, I really fell off the blogging wagon if there is such a thing.  I haven't even been reading any blogs lately.  So I'm pretty behind on keeping family and whoever else is still reading up to date.   Now that school has started I have a little more free time, but a lot of it seems to get used up just keep the routine of school, lunches, dinner, soccer  and bedtime going smoothly.

So the girls started school last week.  Sydney is in first grade and reports that so far it is awesome.  First grade at our school is rather awesome as both teachers are wonderful and they get to do music and yoga.  We also have a part time music teacher this year at school.  

Kyla is really excited about 4th grade and is really happy with her teacher.  She gets to be a self manager this year.  I'm not sure what that is yet, but it involves perks like going to lunch 5 minutes early and stuff like that.  She also gets to start taking Spanish - yay!    We have forgotten so much since living in Spain two years ago.  

Both girls are doing soccer this fall and Kevin is the assistant coach for Kyla's team.  They had their first game last weekend.   Sometimes they overlap, so we don't get to watch both girls every weekend, but at least most of Kyla's games are within walking distance so that's pretty convenient for only having one car.

What's this new year, new dedade I'm talking about?   I know it's not January, but it feels more like the start of a new year when school starts.  I find myself wanting to make new resolutions about all the things I will get done after having a fun and lazy summer.   Mostly this includes excercising and cleaning up a bunch of junk around the house.  I also started my fifth decade a few weeks ago.  Yes, it was the big four - oh.   I don't feel much different, actually right now it feel like my head might explode, but I think that's my sinus headache from catching a cold from the girls.   It didn't seem to slow them down much.  Maybe getting older is harder than it sounds.   Anyway, I'm looking forward to the forties - the thirties was very much dedicated to the kids, which was fun, but tiring and messy.  I'm hoping the forties will be a more organized and cleaner kind of fun.  Yes, just as soon as I teach the girls to pick up their clothes, shoes, art supplies and dishes.  Ha!    

This summer I did a lot of photography  (over 5200 shots taken) and I still need to edit some photos.  I worked on some projects for friends and practiced doing some portraits.  I'll try to show some photos soon.   I haven't done the weekly photo challenge for at least a month, but look for some flowers next week.   OK, hope you all have a great weekend, 'm heading out the door for a soccer game.    

Here's a bonus for getting to the end.  Sydney's self portrait.

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Michaela said...

Wow, you've been busy... and I've missed you! Isn't it sad that the kids are back in school and you STILL can't find enough time for yourself? I'm the same way, and the fact that my girls start school an hour and a half apart, and get out of school and hour and 45 minutes apart isn't helping either.
Cute pictures of your girls, and Sydney did really well with her self portrait!