Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Wednesday, September 29

I really didn't get a chance to practice many portraits this last week and I'm still editing a bunch I did last month.  The ones that turn out the best are usually taken outdoors in the shade/clouds with my macro lens.  Here are a couple of a friend that I got while my daughter was at soccer practice.  She's not sad, just concentrating on cracking her peanuts.

I couldn't resist putting a few of my favorite model from earlier this summer.


Carsten said...

Fine portraits you have here.
The macro lens is very good for this.

Michaela said...

These are sooo cute! My favorites are the first and third one.

Btw. you have the date a little wrong (or do you just want to confuse people?) ;-)

Dcan said...

Thanks Micheala, who knows what I was thinking last night, but I did post before midnight!

Anonymous said...

Lovely portraits, they makes one smile immediately. The first one is so funny, though she probably didn´t feel that way, at the time. Very sweet serie of smiles.

Nye said...

I love the vibrant colors of your portraits. I've never shot with a macro lens before and see that it's doing a great job on portrait.