Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank you!

Wednesday, September 29

I got home from my trip to Tacoma Sunday afternoon and Kevin was headed out to grade papers as I was pulling into the garage.   I went to a continuing education class on Osteoporosis to maintain my PT license.  The course was interesting and free, but I had to drive 40 minutes and be there by 8am on Saturday and 7:30am on Sunday.  I'm all caught up on sleep now and it was such a relief to come home to a clean house.  Thanks hubby!

I crashed at Julia's (a friend from high school) house and also crashed a wedding prep party on Friday.  Her old roommate is getting married this weekend.  Those are gourmet whoppers - I only tried the mint, but now I wish I would have tried pumpkin and dark chocolate too.   Yummy!

It was rather painful to sit inside all day when it was so warm and sunny outside.  I could have been staring at Mt. Rainier all day.  Here is a photo I snapped early in the morning from the car.

So glad we're having some sun this week since I missed it on Saturday.  I took a different route to the University of Puget Sound on Sunday.  It was fun to drive through some old parts of town that I hadn't seen for over 10 years.    Wouldn't it be cool to go to a high school that looks like this.    It was very rainy on Sunday.

Tonight I get to go see Plain White T's and Sunday I'm going to Jack Johnson.   It seems like forever since I've been to a concert.  Yay!


Mrs Soup said...

Oh my, I am SO jealous you are going to Jack Johnson! I love him!

Michaela said...

So THAT's where you've been! :-)
Those gourmet whoppers sound really, really good! I'll have to try to find them. Oh wait... maybe not. My hips will thank me! LOL
Beautiful view of Mt. Rainier! That old highschool reminds me a little bit of mine, and I had to go and find a pic...
That's the school grounds you see, and that gray door/window you see between the trees on the right, is where a baker set up and the students could buy rolls, pretzels, etc. and drinks during "grosse Pause", a 20-minute break around 10 am.