Monday, June 2, 2008

4 week freak out!

Yes that's right folks, we leave for Europe four weeks from today! Yes, we're freaking out. This year has gone by so fast already I can't imagine how fast the next four weeks will go. We still have a lot of packing up to do. Not only packing for our trip, but cleaning out and packing up our house to get ready for our renters. How do I have time to blog? Well I have to do something while eating lunch. Uh oh - I guess Kevin will know it was me who got peanut butter on the keyboard. OK back to work.

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beth - total mom haircut said...

Ah! Four weeks! You're remarkably calm. I think you're going to inspire us to venture beyond the Jersey Shore one day...maybe. I can't even begin to imagine how you pack for a trip like this. How long will you be gone?