Sunday, June 22, 2008

Typhoid for summer

So much to blog, so little time. I would love to do some back-blogging (is that a real term and is it acceptable?) where I go back and share things from the past few weeks. Kyla's play, piano recital, and pictures that I still need to get off my camera. The weather was beautiful yesterday, but we were inside mostly, tackling the dreaded toy closet. We're making good progress and have several boxes for giving away. It's hard not to get burned out and actually get packed boxes moved into the garage. So, your wondering about the typhoid. Well, we've gotten all our shots for the trip. Three for Dad, two for Mom and one for each of the girls. Kevin and I started our series of oral typhoid vaccine which involves four capsules, one every other day on an empty stomach with a glass of room temp water and nothing to eat for an hour after. Did you know that you get typhoid from salmonella? Anyway, so far so good, really hoping to avoid the fever side affect, no time for a fever. We wouldn't really need the vaccine for western Europe, but were hoping we have time for a trip to Morocco since it's so close to where we'll be living.
OK, let's hope for a productive week because we leave one week from tomorrow!

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