Friday, June 6, 2008

Got Time?

Hopefully you had time to view this awesome rainbow last night. Actually not sure if you had one in PDX, this pic was taken in Woodburn. I spent the day in Salem yesterday running errands and working on a project with my mom while Sydney was playing with her Great Gma Nammy. I really wanted to stop at the Columbia Outlet in Woodburn, but I ran out of time. When I got there at 7:50pm I couldn't find Columbia, so I ran into Eddie Bauer and found out that Columbia was on the edge of the outlet stores and they were closing at 8pm. Sydney bought me some extra shopping time in EB by distracting the sales girls with the cuteness of running around and trying to help me pick out a color of pink that I would find acceptable to wear. (I don't wear pink.) As we ran to the car we saw the brightest rainbow I've ever seen, it was even double for a while.

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