Saturday, June 7, 2008

Field Day

Field Day on Friday at Kyla's school. It was a sugar induced, loud, chaotic kind of fun. And it was cold and windy outside, but at least it didn't rain. I wasn't tempted to have a snow cone, but I was wishing for some hot chocolate. Is it really June? I was worried about the kids getting cold and wet during one of the first events shown here, the sponge water relay. Luckily some smart grown up put warm water in the bucket and the wind dried their hands quickly.
But where was the fashion police? At least all the colors go together. My little preschool teen is at this scary stage where she wants to wear something "new" everyday. So far with all the sorting of hand-me-downs it has been working out for her the last couple of weeks. I hope she gets over it soon, or she will be having a real wardrobe crisis on our summer travels. I can hear the whine already. "But I've already worn that outfit this week." I haven't told her that she'll have to wear the same outfit every week.

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