Thursday, January 29, 2009

And the winning color is...

Thursday, January 29

Kyla had her follow up at the fracture clinic today, nine days after the big fall. We got to talk to the pediatric orthopedic doc and he explained that her forearm had fractured at an angle and they would be molding the new cast to help it heal straight. Hope you enjoy the photos - something new for me. I've seen a hip replacement surgery, but not a cast - crazy.

First they cut off the old splint/bandage. Whew, fresh air!

Then they cleaned it with rubbing alcohol - pew stinky. The first layer is a cotton sleeve.

The second layer is a soft fluffy bandage. Even though I was a PT, I still don't know the names for this stuff - sorry. Then they did two layers of fiberglass (I think) bandage which they soak in warm water first. Kyla contemplated her color options for the last week. At first it was going to be blue, then a few days ago she switched to green, but when it came time to decide she couldn't resist the neon pink. I was voting for purple, but they didn't have it.

Then they wrapped it temporarily with a stretchy bandage to help everything hold together. It took hour hands to mold it while it was hardening. She's feeling the pressure - ouch!

A few finishing touches and . . . viola, she's ready for the world with her pink armor. We go back in two weeks for more x-rays and there's talk of the next cast stopping below the elbow. Boy would that be nice.

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Sherry said...

The boys love this photo series of Klya, especially the "ow" one. She is so brave. Thanks for sharing.