Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Day to Remember

January 22, 2009

I think Kyla will always remember Inauguration Day 2009. Unfortunately not only for an important historical event, but because it was the day she broke her wrist. Don't worry she's doing fine, she even went right back to school the next day. Here's the scoop: She was riding her scooter on the playground after school and according to her, going really fast. Nobody saw her fall, but somehow she got off balance and down she went trying to catch herself with her right arm. I was chatting with the other moms on the playground when Sydney comes running up saying, "Mom, Kyla needs you!" Oh no. Well, she was already up and walking my way, but her wrist was hurting pretty bad. I was thinking it was just a sprain, but I ran most of the way home to get the car (I really need to exercise because I discovered I can only run really fast for about 4 blocks, then I had to jog - ugh - how embarrassing). Then I picked her up, got her some ice and Tylenol and decided that the best course of action was to drive strait to urgent care. We didn't have to wait long before they checked us in, checked her vitals, took x-rays and pronounced her wrist fractured. Wow, I was a little surprised, maybe because she was so brave. Yes, there were tears and complaining, but nothing really hysterical like I imagine would accompany a broken bone. Well it started feeling better as soon as they began the putting on the cast and soon we were heading home with her arm in a sling, deciding what to make for dinner.

Here she is skipping her shower & homework to watch a movie after dinner. Man, if her arm wasn't in the picture you would never guess she broke a bone just four hours ago. It's a good thing we just said no to going to the mall last Saturday (Kyla really needs some socks) so we could take the girls to the park in sunny, but chilly weather. At least Kyla got one quality session of scooter riding before her fall.

Here is Sydney threatening to run me over while I'm trying to take pictures. The girls really missed Columbia Park while we were gone, it's the best! Hey, how come nobody told me they filled in the wading pool and put in these funky water fountain thingies?

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Cindy said...

Sorry about the broken wrist, Kyla! You must not be a Bumble, 'cuz Bumbles bounce!