Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Love

January 26

Last Friday night I was getting Sydney ready for bed after a whole day on the couch of eating nothing except some applesauce and an English muffin. Standing up made her dizzy, so as I carried her to the bathroom she looked up at me with this dreamy, adoring look in her eyes and said, "Mom, you smell like vanilla. Mmmm, I wish you were ice-cream . . . but if you were I wouldn't eat you 'cause I love you too much."

Wow, how sweet! If you knew how much she loves vanilla flavor and ice-cream then you'd really know how high I rate. I don't even think I could resist someone made of ice-cream. It probably helped that she had no appetite. Even though she was sick her sense of smell was not impaired, I had just used some vanilla-mint chapstick.


beth - Total Mom Haircut said...

Oh my goodness. The stuff that comes out of their mouths and their minds sometimes just can't be made up. How wonderful to have something say something like that to you:)

Anonymous said...

That is SO sweet! How old is she? That would totally be something that my 5-year-old would say.