Monday, September 21, 2009

Instant Soccer Mom says... Where's my minivan?

Tuesday, September 21

I didn't quite realize that having two girls in soccer would mean practices 3 nights a week, always around dinner time and two games in different locations on Saturdays. So far nothing has overlapped and I'm hoping it won't since we only have one car. We started practices a month ago already and now that we have games on the weekend, it seems we are always rushing out the door with water bottle, balls, cleats and shin guards. Yes, all I need is a minivan!

This is Sydney's first year playing on the 4/5 yo team. She loves practice, but she's not so sure about the games. They are a little rough, but after her first game I'll have to say she is a ball chasing, mosh pit surviving, goal making machine!

And another goal!!

I don't have any good videos of Kyla's game, the field is so much bigger. She is on a U9 girls team and they have practice twice a week and they are learning positions and everything. So far, her favorite is defense.

Kevin is the assistant coach for Kyla's team so the whole family is keeping busy.


cleosimone said...

Love that sassy photo of Miss Sydney!

beth - total mom haircut said...

My goodness ya'll are soccer machines! Sam started on Saturday. He just has games on Saturday though - no practices...yet. I'm certain that one day soon we'll be where you are. He liked practice and was uncertain of the games as well. He''s not so into having to compete to have contact with the ball. It's fun and cute though. So it looks like that's where we'll be every saturday for many weeks to come.