Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two big girls now

Tuesday, September 8

Today was the big day for Sydney, first day of Kindergarten!
Big sister Kyla was ready to go back to school weeks ago!
Hop on your bikes girls,
and follow Dad, while mom takes pics and rides and the same time! Don't forget to turn right.
My friend Sherry called at 10:30 to see how the drop of went and. . .
I was still there!
I did it for the teacher, I swear! Things were a little crazy this morning as the teacher's registration list was all messed up, so I offered to help out. She put me to work stapling notebooks and sharpening pencils. I made it home by 11am, just enough time to get some lunch and go to the grocery store.
I know Syd was worried about how she would like school and afterwards she reported having a great day. "I love school, I love Kindergarten and I can't wait for tomorrow!" I knew she would love school - yea!
Kyla was equally happy with her first day and her new teacher. She has a dog named Daisy her class, so that's exciting. She was only sad to discover that there will be no more silent reading time - because reading a million books this summer wasn't enough!

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