Sunday, June 28, 2009

Peace & Quiet

Sunday, June 28

Last week was the most peaceful week that I've experienced in the last 8 years. Today, not so much, but now at 8:30pm the girls are already asleep reviving themselves for adventure tomorrow. Kevin and I stayed for three nights in an upstairs room in this little antique shop in Ashland.
Here was our comfy bedroom, complete with private bathroom, coffee cart, and small fridge.
There were fresh flowers while we had breakfast of scones and tea.
It was only a block to the Shakespeare Festival . We got to see Don Quixote and Much Ado About Nothing and both were great. The one time we drove to go see a movie, we returned to find this little deer in our parking spot.
We had a quiet picnic while watching this pond at Lithia Park. I kept feeling like something was missing. No one was yelling or whining or hanging on my arm. For a few days my name was Deanna instead of mommy. Ahhhhh.
Thank you Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Ken for keeping the kids so happy! They had a great time and now complain that our yard is sooo boring, no riding lawnmowers, no fishing poles, no cousins and no swing.

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