Thursday, June 4, 2009

You Capture - Feel

Thursday, June 4

I'm not sure why she has to feel this piece of bark on her cheek. Personally I just love the feel of those soft cheeks. Why do kids have such perfect skin? - they'll never appreciate it.

Sydney is showing me the way to feel the grass. "If you go the other way, it doesn't feel right." Please try to ignore her nails, she had been playing in the dirt.
I'm not sure whether to feel proud or ashamed of growing the mother of all dandelions, at least I think that's what this is. In case your wondering that's my size 9 foot so you can see how monstrous that thing was.
I feel joy to have a kid that likes to pull weeds. She told her friends yesterday, "I love pulling weeds, it's so much fun!" She is holding the weed hound, works great for dandelions and as you can see she has mastered it pretty well.
OK, this last picture is of nothing special, I was just practicing my sun flares. I think it kind of shows the feel of summer evenings. It felt like it was still 80 degrees at 8pm last night.

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Prairie Lady said...

Love that first one. Great take on feel. It was a tough challenge.

april said...

Those are all great! Love the last one! Great job!

Hayley said...

Yes, children have the most wonderful cheeks. No fair! Wonderful shots. :)

DALewis said...

You did great with this challenge. And just so you know, we have weeds that big too. But none of my kids want to pick 'em. Bummer for me.

Saj said...

That last shot makes me feel summer! And I have got to get one of those weed pickers!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

HOLYMOLY thats a big weed! Bigger than your daughter's head! LOL

And the sun flares! Great job!

Your shots are awesome, great interpretations (and your daughter is beautiful!)

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