Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wednesday, March 24

Scott's photo challenge over at Views Infinitum is "Hometown".  I have lived here almost nine years and it's awesome.  I haven't had much time to capture the city itself, so last night I went for a drive just before it got dark.  It was an unusually clear and warm spring night.  I happened to see a crew boat in the water.
Now it's heading under the Hawthorne Bridge.
Portland is known as the City of Roses, but they aren't blooming yet.  We are also know for a few other things:  bikes, books, brew (coffee & beer) & bridges.  I never got a good bike shot, but I saw several as I walked over the Hawthorne bridge last night.  The rest of the photos were taken in my neighborhood in North Portland, St. John's.

The Multnomah County Library is the oldest library west of the Mississippi.  I love the online catalog that lets me reserve a book and sends me an email when it arrives at my local branch.

Here's the pub!  It's owned by the McMenamins who have converted all kinds of buildings (including schools & churches) into restaurants/hotels/theaters/pubs.  Here you can watch a $3 movie while you enjoys a great burger & beer or my favorite , a hard cider. 
St. John's also has the most beautiful bridge in Portland.  Here is a photo from underneath the bridge in Cathedral Park.
Here's the top side.

My oldest daughter wanted me to get creative and take one photo including all four B words.  That might take some planning, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a biker on a bridge holding a brew with a book in their basket!


Scott Thomas Photography said...

What a lovely city. Kudos for using the rowing team. Adds lots of interest and makes that one stand out.

You are so far ahead of us when it comes to Spring.

Oh, I think you should find someone to model for a 4 B photo! That would be a riot!

Mrs Soup said...

Oh Portland, I love thee! And these are great. Love the shots from Cathedral Park!

kanniduba said...

Oh, my!! What a beautiful place!!! :)
Those cityscape shots are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Portland looks like a beautiful city, your photos are very picturesque and make you feel like being there !

Gerry said...

All the shots were postcard-ready, but the views of the bridge were especially nice, especially the one through the arches. And the pub--I think I must do something about getting a pub here.