Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Taking a break from pain

Tuesday, March 16

I need 8 more hours of continuing education before March 31st to maintain my PT license   One of the required courses for Oregon is Pain Management, which I'm currently taking online.  I had a headache and reading about how adversely people can be affected by pain was kind of depressing.  So, I took some Tylenol and it really helped.  As a reward for getting half way through my course I'm taking a break to show you the tulips in my yard that decided to bloom yesterday. 
OK, back to the books, or in my case, the web.


~natalie said...

hi! stopped by to say thanks for the welcome to "you capture". read your post and had to smile. i'm a PT as well. gotta love those CEUs. =) good luck on finishing your course. hope it goes well ... and quickly!!
ps. totally jealous of the tulips. still a bit too cold here for those but i'm so ready.

Saj said...

I'm also a fellow PT, and really don't enjoy those CEUs! I always seem to get caught at the end of the cycle trying to find courses that are interesting, and cheap! I'm thankful Wisconsin doesn't have a Pain Management requirement. I don't know if I could handle a course like that!

Anonymous said...

I love these! This is the second blog I checked today (starting to play catch-up after vacation) with tulips! Now I want tulips!
I wish I could plant some in my yard, but a certain husband of mine would just mow them down :-P