Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Sunday shoes?

Sunday, March 14

Usually Sydney is asking to wear her fancy white shoes with things like, sweats or gymnastics outfits.  I finally got her some new sneakers.  She hasn't worn any for a long time and her sky blue suede mary janes were looking really sad and a little scary.  Here is what she insisted on wearing to church this morning. 

They magically cause her to run around very fast whenever it's convenient and sometimes when it's not.   Sometimes she looks like this:

Syd:  "Did I look like a blur mom?" 
Me:  "No, I caught you that time!  Do it one more time and you can be a blur."

I'm so glad she has PE on Mondays!

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Jessica Monte said...

My goodness she has lots of energy, huh? My daughter too, at age 3, puts together her outfits and sometimes I just have to bite my tongue (some of her ensembles are cute . . . others look as though she just doesn't have a mother). Anyway, love the blur. It sounds like something my own little ball of energy would say to me, :-)